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Clearing & Forwarding

We are FULLY CUSTOMS LICENSED with EDI accreditation, which means your customs documentation, is released at a much faster pace through our company...


SP Shipping's strategy is to provide a total support system, as an extension of our client's supply chain, to allow for shorter...


We are SPECIALISTS in the industry, providing a sound, personalized, top class solution at an excellent rate. We provide unique solutions...

More About Us

SP Shipping is a dynamic and well-established: freight forwarder, consolidator, cartage contractor and customs clearing company situated in Durban in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. We offer high quality standards in service, reliability and professionalism across our operation. Choose SP Shipping as your shipping company and you're guaranteed our commitment...

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You guys were great! The level of service received by your company is above what a freight company normally provides! Thank you for the professional, high quality service you provided.

Alex Smith Delta Trading

The SP Shipping people were on-site, pleasant and, very importantly, on time. They offer alternative solutions and recommendations on the most economical ways to ship things.

Alina Venter S.A.V. Incorporated

I accidentally stumbled upon their website and I am sure glad I did. A very professional company! Absolutely perfect service without one hitch and everything performed as promised.

Lyle Naidoo - (private)

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service that you provided. Never had to deal with voice mail, always had personal details handled by the owners.

Tracey Wentworth Whispers Home and Decor

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